Why Writing Fiction Has Invaluable Benefits for Everyone

Updated: Feb 10

Writing is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. But I think it is one of the most valuable, productive, and fun activities in the world! Let me give you a reason to write fiction. You don't have to be good at it!

Storytelling Is A Superconductor Of Passion

People are forced to write when they are children, and they are never told why. Now, I don’t want to go deeper into that per se, but I want to give everyone a reason to write.

Just as there is no profound unified meaning to life, there is no single reason I can give you for writing. But I can at least show you how I found mine, and I’ll also be going deeper into the more tangible benefits thereof.

Everyone speaks of the benefits of writing non-fiction and the reasons for doing so, so I won’t be trying to convince you thereof. I believe, however, that fiction writing is just as important as non-fiction writing.

Finding your own reason for writing is important and the only way to do it is to actually write. Fiction writing is simply a medium through which you can express a countless amount of passions.

I for one want to experience the discovery of beauty, love, and human connections. I also want to express that love and beauty to others. Writing is simply a medium through which I can perfectly do that.

It is not the only way I can do it, but it's the one I definitely enjoy the most.

But here is a more universal reason to write.

Meaning In Action

I don’t have any clinical mental disorder, but I pertained to a viewpoint and various beliefs that led me to be constantly depressed. This is certainly not the exception in the modern world. Being unhappy is in correlation with our scientific world, but this doesn’t exclude religious people. Science creates a loss of meaning because we lose value in our actions. Religion creates a loss of meaning because it claims to know the unknown – which completely disintegrates the process of discovery (The only way to find out why we walk this journey is to walk it; the only way to discover meaning is in the process of searching for it, not the answer we find or claim to have found at the end of it).

The greatest therapy of all is the fulfillment of a passion, a cause, a dream, and a vision. The greatest happiness of all comes from your actions having meaning. If your actions lead you along your journey and get you closer to your goals and visions for the future, they have meaning. They also have meaning if they are in accordance with what you value the most.

So, for instance: I value living according to the greatest love I've ever felt. I make actions according to the greatest amount and intensity of love I've ever felt. Making those actions fulfils me and gives me meaning because I value those actions.

The Journey To Find That Meaning

Writing is a medium that allows you to find value in your actions artificially. The characters have their own values, passions, perspectives, philosophies, beliefs, etc. When they act according to their values, it gives them meaning. If they don't, it brings hatred and chaos into their lives.

The characters, just like us, are in search of something to give them meaning. They and we constantly try to figure out how they should act and what actions give them meaning.

I call this search for meaning our individual Journey. You have to live your entire life to go through that journey. Your values will change and your search will continue. The search can never end, simply because you can find meaning in an infinite amount of things.

But these characters go through the same process, and you don't have to wait an entire lifetime to experience an entire lifetime of struggle and suffering. They go through their own journeys to try and find their meanings. Being able to experience that journey with those characters is so unbelievably valuable.

In my previous posts, I explain why I think these characters are real. And in this post: "Why Creative Writing is Not Creation", I explain why I believe this. The characters are real. And many of them, just like in real life, are smarter, wiser, funnier and more creative than you.

The fact that we can write gives us unlimited access to an unlimited amount of real people much smarter, wiser, funnier, and more creative than us. But it's far more powerful than that. We don't just get access to talk to them, we get access to their entire lives. We can experience their search, journey, and discoveries with them. We can experience all their problems, hatreds, struggles, sufferings, searches for meaning, etc. right beside them.

The advice they give each other, the love they have for one another, the methods they find to overcome their challenges, struggles and limitations are not only open for us to observe, but we can experience it with them. You can literally experience multiple lives with completely different experiences within your one, little, limited, and physical lifetime. If you want to learn how to overcome your own sufferings and struggles, if you want to learn how to find your own meaning, then it's an absolute no-brainer to experience it together with other people. You can experience far more than one life within your lifetime, and doing so will help you find your meaning for living tremendously. It will not only help you find meaning in your actions, you will learn many things about the world and about people, and you will also learn how to better deal with the unknown and chaos in your life.

Please comment below if you want to add anything to this idea or if you want to challenge it. I'd love to have a conversation.

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