Why People Still Get The Golden Circle Wrong!

Updated: Jan 10

Often too many people get the order wrong. I mean I myself got the order wrong for a long time too. You've hear about the golden circle, it's pretty popular at this point. But in case you haven't seen it, it looks like this:

It’s a circle that has changed the way many of us look at business and also our own lives. Let Me Explain Why People Get The Order Wrong. What is the right order then?

1. The Actual Order

Simon Sinek, the creator of this circle, stated that businesses work from the outside in. They first figure out what they are selling, then how they are going to sell it. His philosophy is thus to first figure out WHY you do what you do, then figure out how, then what.

Now, what is strange to me is the fact that many people still, somehow, get the order wrong. This is clearly because they didn't actually read Simon's book or listened to his talks, they've simply heard about the golden circle. What do I mean by this? Well, people started bringing a why into their lives, but still they started from the outside.


The Social Media Marketing Industry as an Example

2. The WHAT and HOW

First I will give an example of the usual train of thought. I want to do social media marketing because I want to make quick money. And I'm going to do it by studying Facebook ads and closing clients. Here we see the what and then the how.

3. The WHAT, HOW, and WHY

Next, I'll introduce the pseudo-golden circle that people have gotten completely wrong. But because it’s the new idea, they try to incorporate it into their lives: I want to do Social media marketing. I'll do it by studying Facebook ads and closing clients. I do it because I want freedom, I want to help my family financially, and I want to help charities.

Here we have a what, a how, and a why. But it's in completely the wrong order. I don't know how you manage this, since Simon Sinek's book on it is literally called "Start with WHY".

Don't get me wrong. This way of thinking is already leagues better. If you attach a why to something, no matter the order, you'll have an emotional connection to what you are doing. Not only that, you have identified goals to work towards and these goals help the world. It helps your freedom, your family, and whatever why you have established.

4. The WHY, HOW, and WHAT

But what Simon really meant with, "start with why", is to find the core driving force behind your entire life. Why do you live? Why do you go on living? What makes you jump out of bed in the morning or what could make you jump out of bed. He refers to a cause, a dream, a passion. It gets repeated in the book so much and in so many ways that you'll get dead bored of hearing it. Your WHY is something deeper within you. The "what's" that you find are as result of your why. I want people to be able to craft their own paths in life. I don't want people to steal or share other people's beliefs. I want people to go on their own journey where they ask questions and find their OWN answers. And through that, I want them to find an infinite world of discovery and beauty. I want them to see their own truths, and because of that, see how beautiful life can be.

I'm going to try creating this world in many different ways. I'm going to be taking people on unforgettable infinite journeys through fiction. I want to take them through multiple worlds and lifetimes within just a few hours. Another way I want to do this, is to help Therapists, Counselors, Educators, and Book Publishers to reach as large of an audience they can. I want to work with these industries to help them help others. They way I'll do this is by increasing the amount of customers and clients these businesses get per month.

As result of that, the owners of the businesses will be more financially free, they will be happier, and they will be able to attend to their own why. Not only that, but the customers and clients will start on their journeys of discover. I'm not finished - I will also gain more freedom and fulfillment from working with these clients. Conclusion, "START WITH WHY".

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