Why Consistency Is More Important Than Intensity

Doing difficult things every day is nearly impossible, and I'm still struggling with it day by day. But the unfortunate truth is that we are what we consistently do. Intensity matters far less than consistency, let me elaborate.

The Power of Collaborative Consistency

Think of someone you love. It may be a friend or it may be a family member or a lover. Now tell me, what specific one thing did they do to make you love them from deep within yourself. And on top of that, tell me exactly why you love them. These questions aren't possible to answer, at least not with people you seriously love. You can try to make up answers, but you'll be blindly grabbing for fish in the pond. There is no single trait, set of traits, or single event that causes you to love someone. It is the consistent acts of kindness and love done day in and day out. It is the will to not give up and to keep trying on a consistent basis. It's millions of tiny things building up over time. Each time they say thank you, each time you make food together, each time you go on a date, and each time you laugh together slowly builds that connection. We love each other and we build unbreakable relationships because there exists collaborative consistency. This is in part also why we fear change in relationships, such as relationships status. Because it breaks the consistency. It breaks the order. Consistency creates order and the ability to become consistent is the ability to fight chaos.

Getting To The Patch Of Grass

Imagine an infinite path stretches out in front of you. You wish to reach the end of this path, or at least, you want to reach a place on this path that you'll be happy with. Currently your feet might be stuck in mud. Your life is a slog, and so is the path. Creatures and insects keep attacking you and you have to fight for your life. But there is a place on this path where you want to be. Where there is grass instead of mud. First, you must recognize where you want to go, and do so with extreme specificity. The only way to get there, is to walk.

Consistency is much stronger than simply carrying you to the places you wish to be once you have them in sight. But as you walk along this path, you start to discover new things as well. You discover new creatures, and even a few people. You discover cultures and different types of plants. You learn more, you become more curious, and your goal post keeps moving forward.

We Discover Where We Want To Go, By Walking.

We don't find meaning in reaching the goal. We don't gain fulfilment from doing temporary good. We find the reason we live by walking the path. We discover who we are, what we truly want, and most importantly, that we want to keep walking the infinite road. You start to find out why you are walking in the first place. By walking, you find out why you walk, and you change where you are walking to. We've discussed the importance of change in the previous post, and it's just as important here. Only by being consistent are you going to discover new things about yourself. You'll walk to new places you've never been, and you'll change where you want to go. I remember when I was younger that I wanted to make money and live a free and comfortable life where I could buy anything I wanted. Also, I was angry at the world, so I wanted some sort of freedom from it. That was the place I wanted to reach, so I started walking. I did a lot of studying and discovery. What are the best ways to make money. What is the shortest path to freedom from the word. I was consistent. I kept walking every day. Even though it was more so away from something than towards anything. But while I was walking, I discovered so many things. I started to realize that my views were skewed. And I changed myself and my goal. This kept happening. The further you walk, the more your feet turns to different paths. And now I'm here. I'm in love with life. I want to live it for as long as possible. And making money to buy whatever I want isn't even my 10th priority.

Be consistent and walk every day. Don't be afraid to change direction. And please don't let the fear of changing direction keep you from walking in the first place. The most important of all is not how fast you walk. The length of the leaps you take don't matter. What matters is that you move forward and walk every day. Even if it is just a tiny shuffle forward. You'll find out why you walk along the way. Trust me on this. Please comment down below if you have any ideas or experiences to share, or perhaps to challenge mine. I'd love to have a discussion.

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