HonestIs a Fundamental Building Block of Social Media Marketing.

It's really difficult to be honest. Especially when that honesty can hurt someone. But bearing the fruits of our honesty is a greater benefit than facing the consequences of our truths. Let me explain why honesty is so fundamental, especially in business and marketing.

At The Very Least, Don't Lie

Honestly, don't even tell white lies or half-truths. The moment your inner voice objects to what you are saying, stop, rethink, and speak from

inside. Telling the truth is damn difficult, because it means that you need to first know, with incredible accuracy, what the truth is. You want to build relationships with your clients, and you want to rally an audience to a cause. You want people to fulfill their WHY's by buying your service or your clients product. Telling a lie is not the way to do this. If you tell the honest truth, people will respect you for it. Think about it, you yourself always get lied to. Not to mention, you always have to stretch your brain to try and figure out whether someone is lying or not. If you just tell the damn truth, like no one else is doing, simply because of the weapon of liking and comparison, people will comply with you.

Liking: The Psychological Weapon

People are much more willing to comply with people they like.

Let's use attractiveness as an example. People like attractive people and many studies have shown that people are more likely to comply with more attractive people. But there is another part to this. If an attractive guy goes to a party with his unattractive friend, the attractive guy is going to subconsciously look much better than he actually is. Studies have been done and average looking guys have even been pared with unattractive ones. The average looking guys didn't look so average anymore.

Today, no one goes a single day without lying, or telling half-truths. It’s the biggest pool of nasty and ugly comparison in the world. Tell the truth and suddenly something so obvious and kind is elevated to incredible heights.

Tell The Truth For Your Own Sake Too

And don't just tell the truth because you want others respect, do it for yourself too. If unfavorable situations are taking place, and you lie and tell half-truths to not hurt yourself, that is running away from the problem.

A bad situation is like a large rubber band attached around your waist. Running away from the origin and core of this rubber band, will not only make it more difficult to run away, but over time you'll become tired and lose your footing. Within an instant, the rubber band snaps you back with an incredibly painful collision.

So why not just be completely honest with yourself? Don't hide anything from yourself. Don't start running away. Just calmly take a breath, be honest, and lift the rubber band over your head and push it away from yourself. Face the consequences of your truth. Please Comment below if you want to share any ideas or even challenge some. I'd love to start a conversation.

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